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Having recently been searching for a compliment to my TV computer setup this keyboard should serve me the best. White or black is the only remaining question.


Plantronics Backbeat go and Backbeat go 2

Plantronics Backbeat go, I bought these headphones in October 2012. After almost 2 years of reliable use they have finally died. The charging light would continuously blink and then switch itself off.

I emailed Plantronics and was offered a replacement. They sorted out delivery and all I needed to do was put it in an envelope with as much of the packaging I still had.

What I finally received was a Plantronics Backbeat Go 2. The new and improved version! score for Plantronics customer services.

Version 1

The 2012 version had very good sound reproduction, it isolated very well when in the gym or on the commute to work. The battery was enough for around 3 days use (commute to and from work 30mins per day). The only problem i had with them was the volume level, it was always at max which was actually just right for me, but others may find them a little quiet.

The anti-tangle cord was great. I don't think it ever became a problem for me. Yes some minor knots but nothing that wouldn't untangle and with little fuss.

The remote is good. The size allowed for one handed usage. and the buttons tactile enough to even use through leather gloves.

Version 2 Link to amazon here

The current new version had fixed the volume levels and it feels they had improved sound. The bass has now become more full. I keep the volume around the half way mark now. There are some changes to the remote, specifically removing the on/off button. It is now built into the call button. It is a little awkward to use at first, since the button would control playback 1st, when held on longer it would activate voice commands and then longer still it would switch off. This is working well for me and I haven't made any mistakes so far.

Also new in this version is a voice in your ear that tells you, the status of the headphones. Such states as paring mode, and battery low, are very useful. It would also tell me the battery level (high, medium, low).

All in all a very welcomed improvement from version 1, but probably not worth upgrading unless the volume levels are too low for you.


FSL 360 - Bluetooth Headphones

After spending over a week searching for a pair of headphones at the right price point and right functionality. I found the FSL360.

My other headphones include the Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass, Sennheiser HD202 and Plantronics Backbeat Go.

Each one has a specific use. I was in the market for a bluetooth headphone to use for wireless listening. they needed to provide good bass and up to date with technology, and of course not ugly looking.

This set actually ticks all the boxes. In the end i found only one problem with them is that they don't like to connect with transmitters. I have tried with two, the Avantree BTTC-200X and also the Anker Bluetooth Transmitter.

Anker didn't work at all with the FSL, it would not connect. I had spent a good 3 hours trying to figure it out. In the end i put it down to the 2.0 bluetooth of the transmitter. However, it should not really have a problem.

The Avantree, worked and the sound was very nice coming from a 4.0 bluetooth device. However after reseting the Avantree the FSL could no longer connect. After a few back and forth emails with Future Sound Lab, and Avantree, there was no solution to get the devices to work again. I blame the FSL for not having some sort of process to do a hard reset.

The plantronics worked very well with both devices - connecting, reconnecting not a problem at all.

Conclusion = using the FSL360 paired with your phone, or computer, will leave you very satisfied with the bass output and sound quality. They are very comfortable for quite extended usage at the desk They also are very good at blocking the sound coming from people talking on the phone in the office.

FSL 360º Bluetooth Headset / Headphones with One Button Control, Bluetooth 4.0, aptX, Remote and Mic for all Smartphones (iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows / Samsung Galaxy / HTC etc) - FREE Hard Case & 3 YEAR WARRANTY

UPDATE: After buying around 6months use I had to send them back twice. They had an issue with the right ear losing all sound. I hope that you are luckier than me. I've since lost trust in the brand and have moved onto a different pair. Cheaper and supposed to be the upgrade of popular dre beats killer bluedio r, will let you guys know how I get on with these.

Bluedio H-Turbine Bluetooth stereo headphone Wireless headphones Bulit-in microphone BT4.1 headset Powerful bass Enjoy your music Over-ear headphones -Retail package Global release (Black)

UPDATE: Don't get these Bluedio H-Turbine headphones they are horrible. Sent back because they are terrible.

Summary: Save a little more and buy a better pair. or go with a pair of wired cans. 

Should I buy a new iPad?

Ive been thinking about buying a new tablet to replace my ageing iPad 1.

What do you use your tablets for? Would an android device hit the spot?

I tried a pipo m9 pro but didn't like that the high resolution screen seemed to slow down the android device - I gave it to my mum she loves using it to playing her mahjong game. It also crashed when using it a while.

The 10" device made me realise such a large device would be too cumbersome to operate with one hand and I tended to sit up with the device in my hand. Laying it down on my knees did not agree with my neck.

Maybe a phablet? Almost right, however a little too small and browsing some older un-optimised websites caused problems. Especially sites that have a popup that covered the screen in black with the close function hidden outside of the screen real estate.

So currently I am a little stuck with the decision of the up and coming Nexus 8 or iPad mini retina (I will wait for the next apple tablet device to be released before purchasing - hopefully this will drive the price down).

I have given android a good try, I honestly prefer iOS. It is simpler. But I might be bias as my 1st real smart device was an iPhone3.

Conclusion - iPad mini retina